Monthly Archives: May 2011

Sharon + 1

We shot Sharon’s wedding. Diane Keaton cruised by that day, said how rad Sharon looked. Whatever Diane Keaton, how about you say something interesting, besides the obvious. Anyways. These two are starting a family. We went to the Griffith Observatory. First time. I thought it was awesome. Except Heather was blabbing on about James Dean […]

mike + janna

I’ve done extensive research, and mike and janna are the awesomeEST people in hemet, ca. It’s legit, there were lab coats and schematics involved. They got married. They washed each other’s feet. I almost cried like a 5 year old before naptime, believe it. Mike studied music, plays cello and guitar, AND is a photographer […]

Matthew + Leslie

Trying this new thing where I spew less emotional rambling and let the pictures speak for themselves. I’m not a literary guru, I’m a grapher of the photo. Matt plays bass. Leslie has mad style. Very dope couple…reason #235: the groomsmen received nintendo video game inspired cuff links. Count it.

Jon + Liz

We’ve covered quite a whole lot of weddings, and I can confidently say I’ve never seen a groom smile, and glow, as much as Jon did the day he married his best friend. These two are in love. End of story…well actually just the beginning. Heather and I both love what we do, and it’s […]