Monthly Archives: December 2013

John + Kelsey – Old Ranch Country Club, Seal Beach

Prepare for heartwarming post. We had the crazy honor of documenting a close friend of mine who married an equally perfect person. I just recently met Kelsey, and quickly caught on how downright legit she is. I’ve known John for a while. To try and explain him by words, without experiencing, is futile….like ice skating […]

Giuliana + Christopher – Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Giuliana and I go way back. We used to thug out hard in fourth grade. Tekken 2. Animorphs books. Rock candy. It’s amazing to watch a friend grow up and then be able to document the start of their family. May your heart soar…on eagle’s nest. Wemakeitrain. – Heather

Courtney Alex – Presidio, San Fran

Went up the coast, looked at some things, then shot a wedding. This happened. We shot the crap out of this wedding, and ate it up like a skinny pigeon in a bread factory. ‘I’m not superstitious….but i am a little stitious’

Sterner Family – Los Rios District

We pretty much totes-mcgoats adore everything about this family, each of them so perfectly unique and sweet it almost requires some pepto. Heather laughed as she watched me do the running man, seated, whilst reviewing this shoot (who says ‘whilst’?). Chair dancing is an artform, of which I have perfected. Salt n Peppa’s here. #hammertime