Monthly Archives: July 2014

Colin + Dewi – Encinitas Wedding

Two designers. Married. Creative explosion. Bummed we didn’t snatch up one of the custom mix cd’s featuring a hand drawn octopus. Lawn games. Hand painted surfboard menu. So much pro level DIY goodness. Couldn’t be more stoked to witness and document. Bewm…

Fear is Faith

What type of blood does a pessimist have? Always B-Negative! ::drumhit:: Shot this across the street from our house, and this quote has been on my mind a ton lately. I love it when truth is like a slap in the face, a good slap, like from someone you want to be slapped from….if that’s […]

On the Hill

Jesse got a sweet ass bike and we played around on the hills around our casa.

Bolar Hirsch & Jennings Company Picnic

Picnic. Ribs. Cornhole. Shenanigans. My little pony.